LAPD Code 12

LAPD Code 12 means Falce Alarm and additional police codes and cop codes information. LAPD Code 12 is part of the emergency codes that are used for fast communication and reducing miscommunication, between the emergency crew.

LAPD Code 12 & Police Codes History

When were police codes began?

Police codes, including LAPD Code 12 appeared for the first time in the year of 1937 and were developed for 3 years. In the year of 1974, the police codes and emergency codes were expanded by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International (APCO), which at that point, became the emergency and police codes standard way for a clear, noise free communication with less confusion on the messages..

LAPD Code 12 Meaning

What does LAPD Code 12 mean?

LAPD Code 12 means Falce Alarm for police (cops).

LAPD Code 12 is only one of hundreds of police codes and emergency codes, used daily by cops and emergency teams, nationwide. If you are listening to a police scanner, there is a possibility that you hear LAPD Code 12 before, or on a movie or tv news or show.

LAPD Code 12, all police codes and emergency codes, are pronounced by the emergency team and police crew, by saying letter by letter, like they are saying numbers. This allows to communicate the message without any mistakes or doubts what meant.

Emercengy codes, such as LAPD Code 12, are being used, daily, by emergency crea, police officers, health teams and fire department. They are the main way of communication, according to the different events such as LAPD Code 12 which is a code for Falce Alarm, only to make sure that there is a clear way to transfer messages.

All police codes and emergency codes including LAPD Code 12 are helping with the immediate communication between the emergency team on the ground and the main dispatch. Nevertheless, this way of communication, is used also between the cops, and also to communicate to hospitals, jails, and firehouses.

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What are Emergency Codes?

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